The importance of exploratory therapy and brave practitioners for dysphoric kids.
A guest post rebuttal to Michael Hiltzik’s “perspectives” piece in the Sunday, June 5, Los Angeles Times, from a parent of a trans-identified youth.
We expect truthful reporting on gender medicine. You were once "the paper of record." Now you are letting conservatives own the truth.
Please stop referring to males as females, women or girls. These words are not yours to give away.
Women have been betrayed by both the Right and the Left in America. Will anyone speak out to protect the sex-based rights of women and girls? Can you…
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A focus on affirmation-only care has failed dysphoric kids like mine
This is We can do this better, a newsletter about Better treatment pathways for kids with dysphoria.
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Hormone Hangover
Hormone Hangover
Hormone Hangover
Michael Shellenberger

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